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44 keith bullets 3mm 8mm 32 Remmington 270 Caliber Cal 280 Ross 50 110 38 40 The Keith bullets shoot as well as the mould is made and the caster makes them albiet it is nose heavy. 430 . 44 40 WCF up to the thumb size 530 grainers in my . Just for the record I worked 30 years to get the . Phil Sharpe The . These are hunting handloads pure and simple with this load taking big game all over the world. It would be Elmer Keith who would nbsp 44 Cal 245 gr SWC Keith Type Hard Lead Cast Bullets for Reloading. 430 DIAM. According to the Brian Pearce article I read the 44 Flatop can do 25 000 PSI all day. Cleaning brass then use Lyman dryer. 44 magnum brass loaded with black powder and cast bullets through my Winchester 92 clones. Hi 2frogs I cast the Lyman 429421 Elmer Keith bullet. A clean 44 in 44 out but it looks like it was drilled clean cut hole. A handloader Keith started modifying the . Cast Lead Coated Bullets Hi Tek Super Coat. 44 Mag is a large bore cartridge originally designed for revolvers. 44 was subsequently introduced in Smith A wide meplat heavy hard cast gas checked bullet is the best hunting bullet available in the 44 mag. 44 FP 300 GR. Gentleman I want to work up some loads for my SRH using a Keith 250 gr from Beartooth Bullets Secure Online Shopping. Keith s design held Gold Dot Bullets. Moyer 39 s Cast Bullets sells cast lead handgun bullets including 32 cal 9 mm 38 cal 40 cal 41 Mag 44 40 cal 44 cal 45 cal and 500 S amp W. 44 Remington Magnum or simply . 44 Special offers sufficient performance for hunting big game with Keith style cast semi wadcutter SWC bullets driven from 900 to 1 200 fps. For larger quantities and special order for non stock items contact us as we can probably beat your current bulk dealer. 44 Special Magnum but when Remington Arms Maximum firepower bullets. Dirty Harry s favorite is best reserved for hunting where it can do what Elmer Keith envisioned in 1955. 0 grains of 2400 with his 429421 bullet for 1225 fps. PN44 270 44 444LBT . 44 Special at low prices ready to ship right to your door nationwide 240 255 gr. 44 Special bullet designed in the 1920s made the transition to the . The round nosed flat point bullets now offered for cowboy shooting also work well in . The Keith load is 17. 44 with 250 gr. Never settling for second best the result is a company whose bullets and cartridges will deliver exactly what you need every round every time. If the alloy is to soft with the 429421 bullets may strip the rifling as it leaves the muzzle. 44 American . Lyman Bullet Mold 429421 44 Special 44 Remington Magnum 430 Diameter 245 Grain Semi Wadcutter I shoot the Keith bullet in my 4 inch 629 . 44 Magnum a versatile cartridge left to righ article he stated he liked the 250 grain Keith Ideal bullet 429421 in the . 5 grains of 2400 under his 250 cast 429421. One of the most popular big bore calibers of all time with the development of the first . 44 Special Magnum but when Remington Arms Sep 24 2010 In testing the classic load I have not been able to stop any Keith or Keith type bullets in back to back gelatin blocks. P. Uniform in weight and dimension our swaged lead bullets match jacketed bullet ballistics The tough PolyLube protects the bullet from damage and is a natural lubricant that keeps the bullet at tight factory dimensions and goes through the bore intact. 44 40 . is a great bullet but with the right load bullet placement a 240 gr. In Stock Free and Fast Shipping 45 ACP Reloading brass and bullets for sale with free shipping. Selections from . You 39 ll hear it referred to as quot the quot Keith bullet referring to Elmer Keith. 44 Special design by simply lengthening the older case by . Any info appreciated. 0 grains of Unique standard large pistol primer and 44 special case. 44 nbsp 44 Mag Lyman 429421 255gr SWC K Authentic Keith . Keith settled on the . There are many bullets and bullet designs offered bearing the name Keith which has nbsp The Keith style 44 Magnum profile with a semi wadcutter profile bevel base and lube grooves. All the writers testing these were happy. Keith envisioned a cartridge of . 44 Special loads but there was a fear that such powerful loads would blow up an older nbsp The only current source I know of for commercially cast true Keith bullets is Beartooth Bullets. 59. Bullets were heeled weighing from 210 to 225 grains. 0 grs Unique and 6. 38 caliber bullets in 1928 Elmer Keith set out to make a . Keith also chose a fast burning rifle powder for the powerful 44 Mag. If you want to wear out your gun prematurely go ahead. Being that Keith is the one person most responsible for the introduction of the 44 Mag. Check out his Quick Tips here I have been looking for load data for my Ruger Flattop 44 Special using 300 gr cast. 44 Magnum 10. Item 14B 984 fps We developed this bullet to be soft 6 BHN enough to mushroom at impact speeds around 750 fps yet we wanted it hard enough pure lead is 4 BHN that it would not lead a normal revolver barrel. 44 however does pull ahead when the heaviest bullets 300 grain and up are used. Heath of the Boston Revolver Club more than 100 years ago. 44 Special loads but there was a fear that such powerful loads would blow up an older weaker revolver. 44 designation guns chambered for the . Despite the . This is how Keith became the father of the magnum cartridges that we use today the . 45 Colt thereby offering increased strength. Development. 30 30 173gr Flat Nose Keith s standard load for the . 44 Magnum was born through a collaboration Jun 13 2019 Another Elmer Keith recipe is the 250gr SWC in . We strive to ship your order within 2 business days but have been seeing delivery delays in some areas that we can not control. 44 Special Magnum quot but when Remington Arms developed the cartridge they chose to name it the . I really like the Keith type bullets. Given the number of self defense loads in this cartridge it seems evident to me that there is a fairly strong consumer demand for defensive . I shot thousands of rounds through that gun and fortunately for me I was using a good flat nosed Keith design bullet. 429 reloading bullets on sale online at discount prices in our reloading supplies department. A Star press will quot marry quot the components after they are measured inspected. 44 mag hand gun bullets in stock 44. The 429421 Keith has nbsp 44 Magnums. It 39 s the 245 gr SWC and probably the best all around . 44 Keith Type. hard cast bullet. 44 Magnum Bullet Mold Elmer Keith Design 1970 39 s vintage LEE. Oct 29 2011 I was playing around with 44 special loads today in my 6 quot S amp W 24 3. 44 mag is a 240gr hard cast semi wadcutter over 20. 429421. 44 Russian amp 44 Special Keith amp 357 zinc. Can these lever actions be expected to reliably feed bullet shapes that have exceptionally broad points or Keith style bullets with square shoulders . Our bullets are cast from virgin alloy and heat treated to a Brinnel hardness of 18 21. I did a Google search for cast and coated bullets nbsp 44 bullets. In the old days standard . 44 Special Handgun Cartridge by Nosler Inc. Keith s higher pressure loads were enough to have Smith amp Wesson and Remington get behind it releasing the Model 29 revolver in the mid 1950 s . 38 HP . With the right 44 Ruger SRH you can expect around two inch groups at 100 yards with good cast boolits. 44 S amp W Special stoked with hand loads that pushed the 250 grain Lyman Keith No. 41 Magnum cartridges credited by Roy G. The XTPs have all exited too. 431 270GR nbsp The practical power level of the 44 Skeeter load when coupled with Keith 39 s bullet puts every other smaller caliber handgun caliber in the shade nbsp 12 Jul 2017 There are a wide range of ammo selections on the market. 44 Magnum . Keith was instrumental in the development of the first magnum revolver cartridge the . Load data for our Superior Plated Bullets can be found in any manual or on any powder manufacturer s website. For the mild . 5 grains of Alliant 300 MP is a tack driver at 200 yards with a rossi 92 and my Ruger GP 100 shoots the same load well out to 100 yards easily. Another Keith design and one that debuted before the 358429 in 1928 was a . 44 Special will also give higher velocities with any weight bullet from 200 grain up to 250 grain or even 280 grain than will the thin walled cylinder guns chambered for either the . 44 caliber wide long nose WLN . 431 . no 709 . As a hunter target shooter reloader and gunsmith I take gun accuracy very personal it made me money to know how to make things work. I used to shoot 22. Elmer Keith settled on the . Jun 13 2019 Another Elmer Keith recipe is the 250gr SWC in . Our exclusive knurling system retains lubricant over the enitre bearing surface to reduce leading in your barrel. Our hard cast lead bullets and Polymer coated bullets are our staple product. Please be prepared for possible delivery delays. Indeed for a human solution I suggest the lighter recoiling but still incredibly effective . Matts Bullets 44 Caliber 38 Cal. Reloading The . Hardened Dowel Pins SS Bushings. SWC. 99. The Skeeter Load 7. Larger quantities receive bulk discounts and price breaks of 2 pks 5 and 10. Keith 39 s bullets. 430. 44 Magnum cartridge. 9 mm diameter. Popular 380 9mm 40 S amp W 45ACP pistol and PCC firearms FREE SHIPPING Fire some Super Slick J Ames BULLETS through your barrels Keith also chose a fast burning rifle powder for the powerful 44 Mag. . 44 Magnum brass over 10. For social work either the Buffalo Bore Heavy . Using N frame Smith amp Wesson revolvers as the test vehicle Keith soon settled on a handload that sped this hard cast bullet along at some 1250fps. Bullets are finished in our gold Hi Tek coating. Co. This is a popular bullet used for hunting and revolvers. 45 Colt case. Jul 14 2011 Jacketed bullets create a bit more wear on the rifling but it 39 s better than trying to wire brush out a bunch of lead build up. 38 S amp W 9mm 380 Misc. 44 Special loads are so mild you can really use whatever you want to. Available for both pistol and rifle calibers. These are our cast lead bullets coated with Hi Tek Super Coat bullet coating. 44 Special ammo and a nice 180gr bullet to top things off should serve you just fine. Marsh. Elmer Merrifield Keith March 8 1899 February 14 1984 was an Idaho rancher firearms enthusiast and author. I 39 m pretty sure Elmer Keith 39 s favorite load for the 44 Mag. Jul 31 2019 The premise paid off making Keith s ammunition popular with a wider audience. Keith style v. Shop our selection of . 44 Special 50 Caliber BMG Spec . under 7. 5 to 8. 44 Special use bullets of approximately 0. Jun 27 2017 . 44 Special case and these experiments had gotten a lot of exposure in the firearms press. 5 grains of Unique for right at 900 fps. 44 Mag loads I have fired over 80 of them have been 25 H110 296 and a 250 Keith the Hensley amp Gibbs 503. LEE Mold 6 Cavity Mold 429 200 RF 200 Grain Bullet 44 Mag Spl 90428. 44 Remington Magnum as the best choice as a hunting handgun. This cast lead bullet is the old stand by for the 44 Magnum very accurate old school design. Sized to . . 681 Views Share Embed Download In General The . 44 40 or the . Bullets identified as SWC on the price list are that mould makers expression of a Keith style 44 Magnum bullets for reloading projectiles and 44 Magnum reloading brass for sale. The same brands that make good . 44 special revolver in 1926 with results that would forever shape his opinions on hunting bullet design and forever influence his staunchest fans. Keith regarded them as useful on large game when great penetration was not nbsp Oregon Trail Bullets is facing increased demand while working with our staff to keep everyone healthy and safe. 10 per item and will be added at checkout . 5 grains of 2400 for around 1 400 fps or more. 44 Magnum is a large bore cartridge originally designed for revolvers. 25 be added at checkout. 44 Remington Magnum or quot . The two styles that I will concentrate on for purposes of this article are the . 44 Colt Conversion . 44 Magnums. Our shipping and customer service nbsp Black powder SPG lead Cowboy bullets Hard cast lead smokeless cowboy bullets 44 CAL. Out of stock. At this time the 44 and 45 caliber rounds were considered the top of the line for self defense on the western frontier. Bullets are cast to nbsp I 39 m not really married to the Keith bullet just the style so that I can give them a good crimp. Jinks as quot the father of big bore handgunning. S. Our shipping and customer service departments are doing their best to make sure every order and customer is being taken care of. The 429421 Keith has changed over the years from different mould makers. Are you loading your 315 gr bullets to max cylinder length and what velocities are you getting I am shooting for 850 900 fps range. 44 Mag. In fact Remington delivered a more powerful cartridge than Keith asked for firing a 240 grain bullet at nbsp 25 Jun 2012 The Elmer Keith design bullets have been favorites of the shooting community for decades especially in the 44 magnum itself the creation of nbsp Glen shares the original idea of a SWC bullet came from one C. 44spl I 39 d use a 240 250 Keith bullet 1000fps and stay away from hollow points alltogether. TruWeigh scale. 44 magnum revolvers were designed to shoot 300 gr. Bullet diameters can be customized to fit your barrel when ordering specify in comments box at the checkout With a renewed interest in . 43. 430 with lube ready to load. Plain Base or Gas Check Design. Our hard alloy combined with the most efficient bullet lube available enhances accuracy and minimizes barrel fouling. out of a 4 quot Smith 1400 fps out of a 6 1 2 quot Smith or 7 1 2 quot Ruger. 44 Special cartridge as the basis for his experimentation rather than the larger . 44 Special case loaded to higher pressures for greater velocity and thus energy . 6 quot Ruger . 430 Diameter . 41 . Apr 28 2013 I ran the bullet from the Lyman mould up to 1218 fps with 17. 44 bullets were for several decades the most popular variation on the basic theme. Cast or jacketed data with the same grain weight and profile will work with our bullets. This nbsp 3 Apr 2011 Keith pestered the ammo companies to bring out heavier . Buffalo Bore. 0gr of 2400 with this bullet but after Alliant took over I have cut it back to 21. 44 Mag ammo make good . Temporarily unavailable from the manufacturer. The most fabled cast bullet for 44 mag is the 429421. 224 quot Swaged for better hunting performance. Despite Keith never running into a hitch S amp W was nervy about the hot load revolver combination. This bullet accomplishes both requirements. of 2400 under a 240 gr. 44 Special Magnum but when Remington Arms developed the cartridge they chose to name it the . 44 Magnum 240 Grain RNFP Elmer Keith championed the concept of higher powered big bore revolvers with Smith amp Wesson and Remington Arms eventually leading to the development of the . 44 Magnum case and its parent case the . 44 Magnum was the Lyman No. 44 Elmer K Hi Tek . 451 . OUR NEW PROPRIETARY CLEAR LUBE NOW COATS ALL OUR BULLETS. Very nice hollow point design is very accurate and gives all the advantages of a hollow point design to prevent over penetration This profile is famous for clean cut holes in targets and have fallen many game animals over the years. 431 quot . 44 Magnum 240 Grain Semi Wad Cutter Brinell 18 Keith style but with bevel base f Qty available The Keith bullet makes the . Just depends on what kinds of loads you plan to shoot. 44 Magnum Ammo available. I think the 300 gr. The bullets that Elmer made were made to fit then guns then available most of his original designs were scrapped because they did not fit many guns on the market without the use of shorter quot Special quot cases etc. C. 9 out of 5 stars 30 2 offers from 21. 250gr 44 caliber Lead Semi Wad Cutter Hollow Point hand cast Keith 503 design bullets with crimp groove. of Unique for practice and plinking. does not engender a reputation as a quot hot quot cartridge. For a dual purpose hunting self defense gun the . There 39 s lots of debate about Mr. even tho he 39 s been dead for close to 30 years I 39 d heed his Jun 03 2016 Welcome to Leadheads Bullets Product and Order Page. quot Aug 12 2005 The group buy for a 357 Keith mould has prompted me to post this. 44 revolver s cylinder was of the same dimension of the . 04. Looking at the Lyman data in the . 44 cal Keith Type Bullet 429421 SWC 255 Grain. 357 Magnum as well as the later . 1 000fps M. 6311 N 25th St P. The Keith SWC 39 s in . The only cast bullet I have used so far is the 44 240gr. Keith was perhaps most associated with the . 566 ft Keith s suggested designation for the proposed . But in 1956 Keith 39 s efforts culminated in the introduction of the . This is not a quot Dirty Harry quot Magnum load more of a mid range. Each Magnus 44 Caliber . For some time now we have been partnering with Full Lead Taco for videography. Yet today more than 80 years later the subject of metplat shape and surface area is largely untapped The world 39 s largest selection of LBT Design hand cast heat treated wide meplat bullets available. Jun 23 2019 Casting . 44 Special and . 44 Magnum produced both gun and load. 357 but less recoil than the . BOX 1835 OZARK MO 65721. 44 Magnum a versatile cartridge left to righ The 200 grain wadcutter is inexpensive and great to shoot at targets. My most used cast bullet in . Oct 06 2010 All my Keith bullets don 39 t shoot very good with these bullets. shot at a mule deer with the . 44 Magnum revolver photographed with a high speed air gap flash clearly showing the bullet. 44 Colt . L. Midsouth offers some of the best prices on pistol bullets from great brands like Hornady Berger Nosler Sierra Berry 39 s and more Dec 21 2017 Anyone finds a coated TRUE Keith 44 bullet let us know. I got no response to that post so I 39 ll try a more generic approach. In Keith s time the only other bullet types were Wadcutter WC and round nose RN both of which he felt were inferior hunting bullet designs. Illustration courtesy of Hornady Mfg. Your bullets seem to be of higher quality than other brands I have tried and your prices are great for a premium bullet. 44 Family . hard cast quot Keith quot style bullet. 44 Specials. 9 33mmR and frequently . 44 caliber bullet that would be suitable for handgun hunting he created high pressure loads that pushed a heavy bullet faster and stronger than what was currently available in ammunition with such a large bullet. The keith bullet almost the same shot but dropped in it tracks. 9 mm diameter bullets. 44 Remington Magnum By Chuck Hawks. 3 Gr. 44 special loads I recommend all lead bullets and loads that produce 700 850 FPS speeds. The nose of my . Good plinking and deer medicine. 429 diameter. 0 gr of 2400 travelling 1290 fps close to full power. Feb 13 2012 After his successes with his . I eventually settled on a grain less for that first Model 29 in . 429 in 10. This was my first ever handloads I made. All I have found have those stupid bevel bases. 430210. Still like the Keith bullets but use a lot of LBT style bullets for larger heavier built critters and jacketed bullets for the deer and such. In my FBI procedure tests the hard cast bullets easily penetrate the clothing auto glass wallboard plywood and sheet metal and exceed the FBI Founded by competitive shooters SNS casts their bullets with using a high quality 92 lead 6 antimony 2 tin alloy and lubes them with Magma Blue lube. SHIPPING COST IS SHOWN FOR DOLLAR AMOUNT OF THE ORDER WE WILL COMBINE SHIPPING TO GET THE LOWEST COST TO YOU ON MULTIPLE ITEM ORDERS THAT IS ORDERS OVER THE CAPACITY OF THE FLAT RATE BOX. Mar 09 2006 However . 44 Caliber 180 Grain FP Hard Cast Lead Bullets Using any of the 250 grain Keith sixgun bullets from Lyman H amp G now Ballisti Cast RCBS or LBT molds with 15 grains of A Unique. We carry a large variety of hard cast lead bullets and Polymer Coated bullets for Cowboy Action Shooters IPSC IDPA Speed Steel and all reloading enthusiasts including the weekend reloader. 1. Perfect. Compare all 44 Magnum ammunition manufacturers on one easy to read chart. 44 Magnum Super Blackhawk. 12 per round The World 39 s Largest Selection of Bullets. It 39 s best to shoot all lead bullets outside to avoid lead fumes. lighter that data the latter is nbsp 30 Jun 2016 For reloading . 54 83. both bullets were undersized for the firearms in question. 10 05 2010 09 44 PM 1. 30 30 173gr Flat Nose 23. 44 bullets with ample loads screaming to the tune of 1 200 fps out of a Smith amp Wesson Triple Lock. Ideal Mould 429421. 44 1894 to reliably feed 39 wide mouth 39 Speer Gold Dot Hollow points. c. 44 in bigger out. Keith s suggested designation for the proposed . 180GR. Its weight averaged 256 grains when cast of scrap wheelweight metal. They have both . 25 quot S amp W Model 396 b. Lyman Ideal Bullet Mold 42798 44 40 205gr Flat Nose 1 Cavity Rim Rock Bullets is facing increased demand while working with our staff to keep everyone healthy and safe. Home Pistol 44 Mag Lyman 429421 255gr SWC K Authentic Keith Shop Contact Us 10 17 20 In preparation for hunting we 39 re briefly halting the ability to order so we can get caught up and ship pending orders. 44 Special 100 Starline cases fired 1x 50 Winchester cases fired 4x 41 Winchester cases fired 3x All of them have been cleaned. 13 Sep 2011 44 Special was capable of. 44 magnum with which he could dispatch a mule deer at 600 yards. Item 14B 1044 fps 2. 44 Special was very effective on big game. Bullet Quantities are limited to on hand inventory Thanks for all the orders over the last 5 years. 44 quot designation all guns chambered for the . 44 Russian . 260 molds that dropped Keith 39 s original design over 7. 44 Mag bullets left to right the 240 grain Oregon Trail Berry 285 Oregon Trail 300 Truncated Cone and 310 True Shot. 44 Keith bullet and powder coating 0. Apr 04 2018 What had the manufacturers edgy was Keith s test revolver. weight. Fast or slow they shot well. They are awesome so far. of AL2400 with no pressure signs at all. When gas check bullets arrived in the 1950s Keith said the use of gas checks on sixguns would cause gas cutting and leading however I have found that gas checked . 44 caliber bullet that could be used for handgun hunting. In addition to Keith bullets the Thompson 429244 gas checked The . May 09 2008 I loaded some 250 grain bullets in the 45 ACP close to the Keith level and decided they were way to hot for my pre War M1917. 32 Pistol 1 356242 9mm Pistol 1 A bullet Mould from a great hand gun pioneer the late Elmer keith. I said all that to say that I 39 ve loaded bullets from all three moulds over identical powder charges and the bullets from the RCBS 44 250 consistently show slightly lower velocities which of course indicate slightly lower pressures. If you ve read any of Elmer Keith s writings you know how he started in 1925 developing high pressure . Dec 01 2000 The Keith bullet has almost become a synonym for any semi wadcutter ballet and for convenience we use a lot of 240 gr. 44 Colt Conversion. He was also a prolific wildcatter nbsp LBT Molds are the standard in Lead Bullet casting and shooting performance. 428 200gr RNFP COATED 500 BX . Our hunting bullets are cast from LBT style molds. To be Dec 20 2016 The Keith 250 is the only bullet I load in . For a lighter load I substitute a 180 grain lead bullet and slow down even more to five grains of Titegroup. As some know we cast these 4 years commercially. We also have bulk . Elmer Keith 39 s first hollow point the Ideal 358439 154 grain . 44 Magnum loads can improve on Elmer 39 s original. Left to right 250 gr. 45 Colt will do good work in the . 452 HI TEK polymer coated Item Name Image. 430 Diameter. 30 caliber nbsp 44 mag copper bullets Our process starts with a lead billet that is extruded Keith the man who developed the high pressure round had been hot loading the . Keith really did not come up with the idea of a . I also have a few Keith bullets. Keith bullets here shown standard and hollowpointed above left and middle and the hollowpoint version John recovered from a 600 pound feral pig. 44 Special before he designed the . Maximum firepower bullets. With this I killed a fair amount of deer and antelope. 44 Special before he created the . Sep 13 2011 Keith designed the great SWC bullet that came to be known as the Lyman 429421 and generally weighed in at 250 grains. I have a Ruger flat top Bisley in 44 spl and it shoots groups at 25 yds that surprised me at first. HEAVY . MISSOURI BULLET COMPANY CAST 44 40 . 38Spl 357 500 S amp W Cowboy Action Wadcutters 32 Caliber 44 Caliber 45 Handgun 38 Cal. The original poster did not indicate his intended use for the bullet I just relayed my limited experience with the bullet in question. He knew the cartridge could withstand higher pressures than ammunition manufacturers were using and even lobbied then to make the load hotter but never succeed in his request. May 26 2017 Keith chose the . He wanted to create ammunition based on the . BEST VIEWED WITH CHROME OR FIREFOX 44 Special Handgun Cartridge by Nosler Inc. 7 gr. 44 S amp W Special. THE classic Keith Mihec mould for the H amp G 503 weighs 250 grs and will keep most shots on a playing card at 100 yards nbsp Keith. 44 and . 44 MAGNUM Keith early settled on 22. Jun 16 2012 My load for 240 grain cast bullets in a . He created the Keith semi wadcutter bullet that you will find in Lyman s catalog as cast bullet 429421. 44 Mag differs from its predecessor in its use of a longer case. JHP Sep 13 2011 Keith designed the great SWC bullet that came to be known as the Lyman 429421 and generally weighed in at 250 grains. Bulk Reloading Projectiles with quantity discounts. 44 Magnum is based on Oct 13 2020 Excellence Integrity Service. I don 39 t think most of the . 452 Bullets are a very common caliber and are used in a number of handguns as well as some rifles. 44 Magnum Special Russian. 430 Diameter 250 Grain Keith Style bullet is hard cast and then sized to the correct diameter to ensure very accurate bullets. 429 diameter bullet. Also have been playing with softer alloy hollow point slugs in the 44 45 and 475 calibers. became a platform for experimentation by handloaders and as all good gun nerds know through the lobbying efforts of Elmer Keith the hot rod . 5 grains Unique and a 250 260 grain cast bullet is widely used because Skeeter Skelton promoted it in many articles. 575 quot Max Velocity 1850 fps . View Bullet Mold preparation video for proper mold lubrication and smoking If you don 39 t see your desired mold check out our custom services page . Use all load data with caution. It ran and fell 60 yds. One would have to pay homage to the great Elmer Keith and his pioneering work with the 44 magnum and 240 grain Keith Style Bullet Semi Wadcutter configuration in providing some of the earliest insights into handgun hunting. 430 Diameter 250 Grain Keith Style bullets have an 18 20 Brinnell Hardness. VR JH586 TruWeigh scale. Read information from list below Then enter it in the order form at the bottom of the page. 454 quot bullets to avoid leading. At the time the dard . 431 sized seems to provide the best accuracy as all 44 mag Rugers I 39 ve owned have oversized cylinder throats . 2 grains of 2400 that will push the bullet 915 fps. 44 Magnum was his 250 to 260 gr. Most also do not have a true Keith full width leading band in front of the crimp groove. If the hunter wants an expanding version of these bullets the Keith and nbsp Few . 44 Caliber 245 grain SWC Keith Type Hard Lead Cast Bullets for Reloading. It poked a 44 cal hole in 44 cal hole out. 44 caliber projectiles for hand loaders was more varied and the . 41 and . Keith 39 s suggested designation for the proposed . by Elmer Keith . 5 grains Unique. 44 Spl. It shoots superb and makes a great all around bullet. Keith ultimately decided that 160 grain bullets was probably best for the . Casting . I got good accuracy over a wide range of velocities with the Keith bullets. Keith style bullets for my S amp W 29 44 mag. It will out penetrate any jacketed bullet and the wide meplat makes it the hardest hitting bullet as well by far. For years Elmer Keith and others had been experimenting with heavy loads in the . bc description action quot new description quot Technical Information Caliber 44 Remington Magnum Bullet Weight 255 Grains Bullet Style Hi Tek Coated Lead Keith Type Semi Wadcutter Gas Check 21 BHN Case Type Brass Ballistics Information Muzzle Velocity 1350 fps Muzzle Energy 1032 ft lbs bc description action quot end des Jun 27 2017 . Eggleston Polycoated Bullets are coated with the highest performing polymer on the market today. 44 Special represents a recent resurgence of the . 35. S Approx 1050 1100 GROUP SIZE 3 4 five shots 15 yards OVERALL LENGTH seat in the crimp grove light crimp GUN DETAILS Ruger Redhawk 44 mag 51 2 barrel amp Ruger Order . 430 . 62 30 308. The big . Keith approached Smith amp Wesson and the . 429 so it s not even a . and probably still has more experience with a heavy loaded 44 Spl. This bullet goes out to the front of a S amp W cylinder. 45 Colt. This was and continues to be a most excellent and powerful load. 1 gr Unique. 44 S amp W Special loads that shot 250 grain bullets at These three lead bullets make the . 451210 43 Spanish The first 3 numbers is the finished bullet diameter. 44 S amp W Special was originally loaded with a 246 grain lead RN bullet over 26. 44 Magnum Ammo Uses amp History The hard hitting and hard kicking . 44 bullets normally shoot better than plain based bullets. 338 or more for most hunting and the . Elmer Keith came up with what is universally known now as the Keith bullet. Best ammunition for pistols and handguns for sale. bullets as they were mostly designed around the 240 gr. Hard Cast Lead. A number of years ago I planted two 250 grain cast bullets Apr 26 2020 I have no observable leading using the proper diameter Keith style 250 260gr plain base cast bullets in my 44 39 s up to around 1350 fps. Recoil with my heaviest loads of 22 grains of 2400 and the Keith 250 grain bullet is much less than that of the factory load. 44 Cal 245 gr SWC Keith Cast Bullets . For around 15 years he sent his heavy . This would include the famous 600 yard. Have had better luck with blood trails personally with jacketed on the lighter animals. 430 Diameter Jun 28 2019 A good Keith bullet might out shoot it but it would the exception not the rule in my Now being a fan of Elmer my standard 44 cal 255gr bullet is the Miha copy of the H amp G 503 that I run out of my 5 wouldnt be right to shoot anything else regularly from the gun. Rifle Hollowpoint 41 Caliber 45 Rifle 40 Cal 10 mm 475 Caliber 512 Caliber cast bullets casting cowboy action shooting 500 S amp W mold mould semiwadcutter keith round nose wadcutter Keith s . I cast with linotype and usually use Blue Dot or Win 296 for the full power stuff. 44 bullet ever made. was 22 grs. 429303 44 Mag 1 311252 . Buffalo Bore has a 255 grain Keith style bullet with a muzzle velocity of 1 000 ft s. He didn 39 t substantially lengthen the original 44 Special case either. However it is a P 44 Special load at 20 000 psi. 44 Mag 45 ACP 380 38 Special 9mm 357 Magnum and many more. 45 90 Sharps replica. These bullets are a semi wadcutter with flat base. The 44 Special is over a hundred years old and was developed in 1908 by Smith and Wesson. 44 Magnum bullets for reloading come in all shapes and sizes. 430 quot Dia 310gr Flat Nose Gas Check 4. Will not properly feed in most lever actions. 10 left. Caliber . 44 magnum cast bullets The price may be higher with some alloys or extra heat treading to make a very hard bullet. 25. 44 Caliber Lyman 429360 232 grains FN and HP PB 44 Caliber Lee Moulds 240 grains 2 R 44 Caliber Lyman 429244 245 grains FN and HP GC 44 Caliber Lyman 429421 250 grains Keith 44 Caliber RCBS . 44 Magnum being spurred on by the late great Elmer Keith. Summary The Magnus 44 Caliber . RED RIVER BULLETS IS CURRENTLY FOR SALE. 357 nbsp 14 Feb 2012 44. 566 ft Complete 44 magnum ammunition ballistics Chart. Make an Offer. One of these handloaders was Elmer Keith a writer and outdoorsman of the 20th Century. My pet load for 44 mag has been a 240gn Lee cast bullet with a copper gas check that I apply 3 coats of hi tec coating over 7. 44 caliber wide flat nose WFN and the . 4 stars instead of 5 because of residue but again these are the best coated bullets for 44 mag I 39 ve found. will drop any game animal you may be after. The Versatile And Capable 44 Special Shooting Keith Bullet Hunting Loads 14 41 nbsp . 44 Special which you can shoot through your . Hollow point bullets are available as Oct 16 2016 The LSWC was a lung shot at 35 yds. A heavyweight 240 grain bullet can be loaded to a muzzle velocity under 1 000 fps to perform more like a hot 45 ACP load. 410 caliber of two power levels one driving a 210 grain bullet at a muzzle velocity of 1300 to 1400 fps and another with a lighter bullet moving Meister Bullets. 45 caliber SIZED . 308s they were made for. 429 Reloading Bullets . Underwood 44 magnum 255gr hardcast Keith bullet Here I do a chronograph test of the famous Keith bullet which was of course invented by none other than Elme Due to updates to Paypal policies bullets cannot be purchased using paypal. 1. 44 Special the lighter weight bullets will do double duty in these guns as well as the . 0 grs. 38 Special Lapping Compound Abrasive materials and Fire Lapping also known as FIRELAPPING 500 LINEBAUGH CARTAGE is one of our specialties. You could eat right up to the hole. 45 caliber versions. 44 caliber round was the quot . 44 Special Load Data 44 Remington Magnum Handgun Load Data 45 Auto ACP Load Data 45 Colt Single Action Army amp Replicas Load Data 45 Colt Ruger amp T C Contender amp Encore Load Data Cartridge Data Components by Caliber Nosler Home Any weight bullet that works well in either the . 0 grains of 2400 as maximum for a velocity of 1 460 fps. The 170 grain Keith Bullet with 16. 44 magnum handload with 18. SWC KEITH BULLET Classic Elmer Keith Design Gas Check Plain Base Design Mat. Strictly big bore. 100 Cast 45 Long Colt 255 GR Keith Style Bullets Lyman 17. 430211. 1000 1100 fps is good. This load will handle the vast majority of duties in fact most of what I want a sixgun cartridge to do. 44 Magnum 240 Grain SWC Brinell 18 Keith style Apr 03 2011 Experimenters such as Elmer Keith proved that a heavily loaded . 0. Starline is a good place for new brass. These will shoot into and inch or less at 25 yards and velocity will be from 1450 1500 FPS. 427 200gr Cast Bullets RNFP 56. 44 in most respects. I use this alloy in all of my black powder cartridge loads with bullets from 212 grs. leading from these Keith bullets. View Profile View Forum Posts When I was still actively hunting and shooting a lot I loaded my 44 magnum loads according to Keith. 44 special guns were not designed for magnum pressures and heavy loads only accelerate wear and tear. I have seen this across the . 429 diameter pistol bullet for your reloading recipe. 458 to . 44 Magnum Ammo at Ammunition Depot. 90 nbsp 6 Aug 2015 44 magnum cast bullets. When gas check bullets arrived in the 1950s Keith said the use of gas checks on sixguns would cause gas cutting and leading however I have found that gas checked. 44 Elmer K Hi Tek. Flat Rate Shipping is included in the price Category Hard Cast Bullets 44 40 200GR. 429 220gr FP BULLET FLAT POINT 250 BX . After its introduction it was quickly adopted for carbines and rifles. PRIMER CCI BRASS Remington BARREL LENGTH 5 1 2 F. Rifle Hollowpoint 41 Caliber 45 Rifle 40 Cal 10 mm 475 Caliber 512 Caliber cast bullets casting cowboy action shooting 500 S amp W mold mould semiwadcutter keith round nose wadcutter 380 9mm 38 10 40 41 44 45 223 7. The xtreme bullet has a diameter of . Cartridge Name 44 Magnum Cartridge O. However the speer data in the same book shows the 250 gr LSWC over 18. All credit for its appearance is due C. 44 mag loadbook they show a starting load for a 245 gr cast bullet of 18. Item MBHT428200S 0. Full wadcutters are not normally good long range bullets. 44 magnum. 44 cal 50 ct isn t always easy. Shop from our inventory for various 44 Caliber Hard Lead Cast Pistol Bullets for Reloading. The Lyman reloading manual on my loading bench listed 23. 357 . Peterson and Gail Evans of Remington for bringing out the load and to Carl Hellstrom of Smith and Wesson for bringing the Remington and S amp W people together to produce the proper gun for the load. could legitimately claim Mar 22 2004 Elmer Keith used 280 grain cast Bellding amp Mull bullets in . Oct 07 2016 Four Going old school my favorite a 250gr Keith cast . 44 cal and. steady diet of 250 grain bullets from Lyman 429421 RCBS 44 250KT or NEI 429. Rim Rock Bullets understands the importance of the health and safety of our customers team members partners associates bc description action quot new description quot Technical Information Caliber 44 Remington Magnum Bullet Weight 255 Grains Bullet Style Hi Tek Coated Lead Keith Type Semi Wadcutter Gas Check 21 BHN Case Type Brass Ballistics Information Muzzle Velocity 1350 fps Muzzle Energy 1032 ft lbs bc description action quot end des Apr 01 2019 That got me to wondering about other 44 specs. Buy . 25 grains of this powder might be too hot for a quot Keith Style quot bullet with a shorter nose and more shank in the case or a jacketed slug. 44 Magnum bullets now Apr 06 2007 That 255 grain Keith at almost 1300 fps will do just about anything that a handgun needs to do. FP Product Code MB 44 300. These lead bullets are used for reloading. 44 caliber bullet but used a high pressure load to ensure that the new ammo could fire a heavy bullet. 44 Flattop and worked up from 14 to 16 grains and got good accuracy at each level this was using that same 429421 bullet. 0gr Unique for 1050 1100 from most 4 to 6 revolvers and that one runs at lower pressures and is a bit more comfortable to shoot and it s hard to think of an animal in North America it won t suffice for with good placement. 44 was Elmer Keith 39 s magnum opus. 600 Nitro calibers. The price may be higher with some alloys or extra heat treading to make a very hard bullet. I just ordered some Missouri bullets 240 gr. SEMIWADCUTTER FLAT BASE KEITH STYLE . WARNING Melting and casting lead objects will expose you and others in the area to lead which is known to the State of California to cause reproductive harm and cancer. 300GR. 44 really Special. 44 Special 185 grain JHP or the Cor Bon 165 grain JHP . O. We carry 44 Remington Magnum ammo from top brand ammo manufacturers such as Federal Remington Winchester Hornady PMC and others. 431 250GR 45. For Sale JB A217 Proprietary Exotic Polymer Coated BULLETS Match Winning CRB Pistol PCC for Reloading FREE SHIPPING. RNFP Product Code MB 44 402 GT Bullets 44 Caliber 45 Caliber 9mm 38 Caliber 40 Caliber 400 Corbon 41 Caliber 30 Caliber 44 Caliber 32 Caliber 380 ACP Brass 45 70 Shotgun Gift Certificates 25 Cal Lead ecommerce open source shop online shopping store The cartridge was the fine old . It is safe in any good post WWII Special and dependably accurate if you use soft alloy bullets BHN 9 correctly sized for the revolver. 357 the . All Magnus 44 Caliber . If the Bayou bullet works as good as my own coated bullets I 39 ll be buying all my bullets from Bayou from now on. Faster burning powders are better for practice loads while the slow burners nbsp Does anyone have experience shooting cast bullets in a . Very nice hollow point design nbsp 44 Magnum bullets for silhouette competition to hunting deer black bear and even elk. And shot way the heck high. TECHNICAL INFORMATION When loading for the 44 Special as with any revolver cartridge bell the case mouth just enough to reliably guide the bullet into position seat the bullet so that the top of the cannelure is just visible above the case mouth and then give it a good roll crimp. Jun 16 2018 get LFN and WFN bullets not Keith bullets. Since your bullet is 10 grs. 5 grains of Alliant Unique combined with the 250 grain Lyman cast bullet 429421 at about 950fps. 0gr of 2400 in Starline brass with CCI 200 primers. 30 Pistol 1 313249 . 44 Keith bullet and powder coating. 44 RNFP nbsp 26 May 2017 Keith chose the . SWC Every mould maker has a different definition of what a Keith style bullet means. Product Code MB 44 180. I 39 ve killed a lot of stuff with the 310 True Shot g. SWC 240 gr. clays. 18 per round 44 MAG 245 GR Keith Style Bullets INFORMATION Shipping is 6. My 45 ACP revolvers are all prewar pistols they need . A. LEE PRECISION 90858 2 Cavity Bullet Mold 44 Spl 44 Remington Magnum 44 40 Wcf . In their eyes it was an accident waiting to happen. Dual cavity mold casting a 255 grain quot Elmer Keith quot style bullet for the. Jim Gunguy Mar 15 2004 Wanting to develop a cartridge based on a . This cast lead bullet is the old stand by for the 44 Magnum very accurate. 0 grains of black powder for a muzzle velocity of 780 fps which was a ballistic improvement over . 22 Caliber Rifle Ranges from . Despite the quot . 432. Sep 19 2011 With 44 Special factory loads it is just as pleasant to shoot as a K 22 and with the 44 Magnum loads which give heaviest recoil it will not bother a seasoned sixgun man at all. 99 Dec 30 2017 Gun enthusiasts including the legendary writer Elmer Keith tinkered with the . You can use a taper or a roll crimp. The world 39 s largest selection of LBT Design hand cast heat treated wide meplat bullets available. 44 Special ammo was designed specifically for the New Century Revolver Smith and Wesson had developed. The Ruger GP100 1761 in . 429. They are designed for 25 foot shooting. Click on Order to View the bullets You can also phone your order in from 9am till 12 00 midnight 6 days a week Phone 620 549 6475 Dec 05 2019 Elmer Keith s custom Colt single action was used to develop his heavy 44 Special loads in the late 1920s and for a long time the 45 Colt cartridge was accused of being weak. 44 Special use 0. W. Sep 15 2016 Shop Lyman for our innovative selection of bullet moulds. 44 Special 39 s brass was thicker and stronger than the dated . Missouri Bullet Company offers premium lead bullets at affordable prices. Jun 02 2018 The . Number One With A Bullet. Speer Plastic Training Bullets . Or a square bottomed lube groove ACME which is kind of local to me has an extreme bevel base. He was pretty much the guru of all things gun and hunting related. 39. This load turned in several 5 6 quot groups at 100 yds. 5grs of 2400 for around 1400 fps with no leading. 65 158. 40 41 Caliber Cast Bullets 43 Caliber Cast Bullets 44 Caliber Cast Bullets 45 Caliber Cast Bullets 47 Caliber Cast Bullets 50 Caliber Cast Bullets 54 Caliber Cast Bullets 22 Caliber Bullet Jackets for Swaging Blackpowder Coyanamite Bullets . Category Hard Cast Bullets 44 CAL. After introduction it was quickly adopted for carbines and rifles. 430 250 grains SWC PB 44 CAL Hard Cast Lead Bullets. Heavy 44 Special Field Proven pistol and handgun ammo. 38 44 and . Using a high pressure load the new round would be able to fire a heavy bullet stronger and faster than anything on the market. Best results were obtained with 250gr Keith style bullet from Leadheads over 16. 45 ACP. 44 Magnum without any problems whatsoever. That book by Veral Smith will teach you what it takes. However Dick Casull started with the 45 Colt single action and the weak 45 Colt case to come up with his cartridge which eventually became the 454 Casull. 0 grains of 2400 powder it travels at about 1050 fps and was my only load for deer for many years. Dec 27 2018 Keith spent years custom loading the . Pistol bullets are sold in quantities of nbsp . 3. Most considered our bullets to be bullets Elmer would have been pleased with. 44 caliber round was the . 44 Special round for years trying to coax greater performance out of the cartridge by modifying the bullet and If hunting game with the . Matts Bullets 38 Cal. I loaded some of them over the weekend and finally MAGNUS BULLET COMPANY Family owned since 1983. Of the over 100 000 . for the . 44 Special developed by Elmer Keith the . 44 S amp W American. ammo today uses bullets around 180 to 210 grains. I have a 4 5 8 quot . 41 is far superior to the . Jun 30 2016 The first bullet I loaded in the . and the 44 Mag. 44 Magnum version of the single action Blackhawk revolver. Keith designed the great SWC bullet that came to be known as the Lyman 429421 and generally weighed in at 250 nbsp 29 Apr 2018 Loading the most famous 44 Special load of all. 44 calibre hard cast lead pojectile for his . 76 Sierra Match 250 grn FPJ 8615 16 bullets were pulled but are fine 70 Speer 210 grn Gold Dot 100 full wadcutters. 44 Magnum round and its parent the . My bullets arrived quickly and in great condition. 31. 100 Cast 44 MAG 245 GR Keith Style Bullets 17. . 240 Grain Semi Wad Cutter Elmer K Missouri Bullet Company Box of 500. The bullet seated and crimped over front driving band. The . If you want a 45 bullet that looks like the original 44 Keith ask and you shall nbsp Beartooth Bullets Online Shopping Secure Online Shopping For All Your Cast Bullet Needs Lapping Slugging and the Largest selection of LBT design bullets Elmer Keith didn 39 t just rely on a big revolver to make his design for the 44 Magnum work. Both of these bullets are of gas check design and they weigh 300 grains and 320 grains respectively. b. 44 actually the bullet measures . 2 Cavity Bullet Mold 44 Spl 44 Remington Magnum 44 40 Wcf . 38 Special although he favored his 173 grain SWC for . Keith type G. 351 SL 33 WCF 348 Winchester 50 Beowulf 38 55 9. 125 inch. 429 Bullets can be used to reload 44 Rem Mag 44 Special and other cartridges using a . I tried 6. Manufacturer Dealer Seller of proprietary unique exotic polymer coated heat treated reloading bullets. bc description action quot new description quot Technical Information Caliber 44 Special Bullet Weight Hi Tek Coated 255 Grains Bullet Style Keith Type Semi Wadcutter Gas Check 21 BHN Case Type Brass Ballistics Information Muzzle Velocity 1000 fps Muzzle Energy 566 ft lbs bc description action quot end description quot This Nov 17 2012 More years ago then I care to count I would take Keith 245 Grain bullets Lyman 429421 file off the nose flat and use them in a 1960 39 s vintage 44 magnum flat top Blackhawk as a wadcutter. A long nosed Keith type bullet in a magnum case may require that you crimp over the shoulder and nbsp These three lead bullets make the . 44 Magnum is 9 grains of Alliant Unique powder and a standard large pistol primer. Crimped in the original crimp groove used 6. Item BY20588 0. 500 Linebaugh Cartridge Ordering . 44 handgun rounds Shop our wide selection of bullets from brands you trust like Hornady Barnes Speer and more. 3 gr of univ. They 39 re designed to prevent leading eliminate smoke keep your bore clean and deliver exceptional accuracy. A friend is trying But like Elmer Keith I have little use for them in a revolver. constructed from Linotype. for his platform for the choice of bullets and the fact that the . of Red Dot with the 100 grain Saeco 326 at 1. PM44 250 Keith . 44 Real Cowboy Loads are Oregon Trails RNFP and SWC and the original 429421 Keith bullet. 04 158. 44 Remington Magnum was introduced in 1956. 44 Magnum sixguns over the past six decades has been the Lyman Thompson 431244 Gas Check and the Keith bullet in this case the H amp G design the closest available to his original design. 44 caliber 250 gr. The Keith bullet has been the standard for loading the . 45 ACP 45 GAP 45 Long Colt 454 etc are some common uses. 429300GC. That is the way it is advertised. 44 Magnum 39 s parent cartridge. 429260 44 40. phone 417 708 5279 toll free 1 866 848 9834 fax 417 763 3207 Payment Options. Keith was in a unique position to try sixgun loads on game ranging from his own line of sixgun bullets with . He developed the 44 mag cartridge while pointing S amp W maker of the first 44 mag gun and Remington ammo maker in the direction he wanted. I put up several boxes of Elmer 39 s favorite load of 2400 and 240 grain hard cast bullets. People say the real thing has this or that. 429421 cast bullet to a muzzle velocity of 1 200 fps. Note We are now default sizing these bullets to a diameter of 0. 44 Special sixguns be they of 200 225 or 240 gr. 44 Magnum. 44. 44 caliber grain Keith style cast bullet. 44 Remington Magnum. 44 caliber bullet nbsp The famous Keith bullet is the 429421 that weighs 245 grs. Keith pestered the ammo companies to bring out heavier . 44 Mag quot for short is a highly effective cartridge that finds most of its practical use in hunting. Oct 20 2014 Lazer Cast Bullet CALIBER TYPE 44 mag RATING 10 LEAD SIZE 200 POWDER TYPE Unique POWDER AMOUNT 8. 38 caliber police colt special . E. Keith 39 s famous 44 mag load was his 250 260gr SWC over 22. SWC JHP . 430 DIAMETER HARD CAST LEAD PACKED IN A CHOICE OF 200 BOX OR 400 BOX. For your convenience we accept the following Apr 03 2008 I posted earlier asking if I should expect my . No meat damage. The 44 Colt was adopted by the US military in 1871 and used until replaced by the 45 Colt in 1873. 44 revolver 39 s cylinder was of the same dimension of the nbsp Leadheads Bullets Gas Checked Bullets Order Page. 0gr. That changed when Elmer Keith and the other . 44 Special . Nonetheless the new cartridge was developed directly from the . Leadheads Bullets accepts orders over our secure order page. Looking to reload . 357 Magnum loads. 45 Colt SWC version which would become known as the 452424 and since the 1930s this bullet has Jul 18 2015 The bullets used were the RCBS 44 240 SWC gascheck and the RCBS 44 245 KT which is the RCBS equivalent of the Lyman 429421. 44 180 Grain FP. 44 Special load would be a good choice. The same load with a 250 keith bullet from Montana Bullet works shot into 12 quot 100yds. hard cast bullet over 22. 44 The first thing to remember in firearms is that names and numbers are a bit moot. SWC GC 265 gr. They also perform well as game bullets and as target bullets. Reusable molded plastic bullets and cases powered by CCI large pistol primers provide an accurate and inexpensive alternative. HP . Based on a high pressure loading of the . SWCs from both Bull X and Oregon Trail in our . 44 Caliber . Over the years I shot a few off and then moved on to my 45 Colt. PM me your email for photos 100 FTF in Wichita KS. 44 with 225 gr. lew med on 27th Nov 2017 44 Caliber 165 Grain RNFP Hard Cast Lead Bullets. 38 Special bullets proved a bit long for crimping in the 24 Over the years Keith has designed cast lubricated bullets for auto pistols as well as revolvers such as this 200 grain hard cast semi wadcutter for . If shooting a Ruger check your throats . 44 bullets weighed around 240 to 250 grains but the bulk of factory loaded . 44 Magnum 240 Grain SWC Brinell 18 Keith style but with bevel base for reloading ease Hi Tek 2 Extreme Coating BERRY 44 . 44 Magnum and . Speer plastic training bullets amp cases make the perfect practice load. They always exit the far side of 36 inches of ballistic gelatin with gusto. Mine weigh in around 250 gr cast with WW 39 s water quenched and sized and lubed at . He based the new ammunition the . 44 bullets with ample loads nbsp at checkout. 41 Magnum . If any sample Gallant or NOE bullet is included in your order paypal will not be available at checkout. Material Aluminum or Brass. G. 41 and the . The result is extremely consistent bullets that give you the accuracy you want at economical prices. As the years went along I got a pistol that was agreeable to shooting the diameter bullets I was using. RNFP . 44 Magnum is based on a lengthened . The accuracy is about the same as my Saeco. THANKS EVERYONE AND quot ALWAYS have a great weekend quot . JHP Look no further for Elmer Keith 39 s favorite ammo We have all the best brands of . At the time the selection of . Hornady lead pistol bullets are pre lubricated and cold swaged for total uniformity and balance. 44 Associates of the 1920s and 1930s began handloading it to its maximum potential then the . Confronted with this kind of ballistics market Keith sought to make bigger rounds go faster. Sep 24 2010 Some great . 44 Magnum admirably well. 44 Magnum but it is clear that a lot of good thinking went into the design of the Keith 429421 and the SSK 320. Does anyone know what the COL should be Also some suggestions for a powder I should try for mag performance Thanks in advance Muzhunter Reloading Components Handgun and Rifle Reloading Bullets for Sale Online. 44 Special since the 1920 s. 39 s wide range of gas checked hardcast LBT 44 Remington Magnum ammunition for sale with free shipping on bulk ammunition orders available only at Target Sports USA. variations. 44 Special load consisted of 7. I thought the FTX with the gummy bullet was suppose to have a higher BC. For information on the business call 704 677 5915 WE HAVE DECIDED IT IS TIME TO STOP THE HEAVY LIFTING. LEE . Includes Sprue Plate Hardware for attaching to Lee or comparable handles. Keith spent years making custom loads for the. Keith pioneered the design of a flat point 250 grain . Roll your own powerful loads with the bullet design that dominates in self defense and law enforcement. He was a strong advocate of the use enough gun school and favored rifles of . The recoil is mild and the load is adequate for whitetail out to 75 yards and good for practicing. 44 SPECIAL OUTDOORSMAN 255 gr. For paper punching I use Missouri Bullets in the Keith style. Hard Cast Lead Bullets All of our Superior Cast Bullets SCB are 39 hard cast 39 using a tough time proven alloy. Taffin s most used bullets for assembling . 430 quot Dia 310gr Flat Nose Jan 04 2011 However as factory loaded with a 246 grain lead roundnose bullet at approximately 750 fps muzzle velocity the . JHP 250 gr. Mr. 45. Please bear with us at this time. ammo. When looking at the Lyman 50th anniversary edition I was surprised to see that the BC of the Hornady 225 gr FTX was lower than the 200 gr bullet and the 240 grain bullets on the same page. 22 . 44 special loads but said they weren 39 t very accurate over 50 yards. 38 Oct 13 2017 But even Elmer recognized the gap between the two cartridges and envisioned another cartridge offering more power than the . 44. Products 1 10 of 10 250gr 44 caliber Lead Semi Wad Cutter Hollow Point hand cast Keith 503 design bullets with crimp groove. 44 Mag ammo there are several powder options. 45 all work well at extended ranges. JSP Whether you 39 re making bulk ammo for plinking creating the perfect training round or simply building the best ammunition for your needs Midsouth has the right . 44 Special continually using heavier loads and heavier bullets. JFP 240 gr. 44 keith bullets


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